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Many heroes of American conservation, such as Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold, came to their understanding of conservation through hunting and fishing. Our founder, Otto Teller, was an avid fly fisherman and waterfowl hunter, and his passions for this heritage drove him to conserving the vital habitat that sustains fish and wildlife species.

Today, Teller offers limited whitetail deer hunting for the public in cooperation with the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (MT FWP) Block Management Program. Bird and deer hunting opportunities are also offered to individuals who volunteer time on Teller projects.

Youth Programs

Teller places an emphasis on perpetuating our conservation heritage through special opportunities for youth, including youth hunting and angling programs. Youth deer, waterfowl and pheasant hunters are randomly selected from applicants at our Youth Conservation & Education Expo.


Teller exists for the direct benefit of fish, wildlife and their habitat. We do not charge fees for hunting, but we gladly accept Donations and encourage Volunteer involvement that enables us to further our mission.