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Conservation Education Opportunities

Teller Wildlife Refuge, situated on 1,200 acres in the Bitterroot River corridor, provides a unique setting for hands-on, outdoor learning activities. Through self-guided field trips and conservation projects, visitors engage in learning that fosters outdoor knowledge and skills and inspires a deeper connection to the land, the water and the wildlife so that others may follow in the footsteps of Otto Teller.

We will continue to partner with other conservation and service organizations to implement educational opportunities, youth hunter mentoring and private lands programs that benefit fish and wildlife habitat and teach conservation, as well as offer opportunities for school students and teachers. 

Youth Programs

Teller places an emphasis on perpetuating our conservation heritage through special opportunities for youth, through youth hunting and angling mentorship programs, and partnering with other conservation-minded organizations and agencies for our Youth Conservation & Education Expo. Teller is also proud to host Nature Connections, an outdoor summer day camp, for local youth to have fun learning about adaptations of living things, how they interact with the environment and how we interact with them.

Self-Guided Field Trips

  • Teller is set up for teacher-initiated field trips. Field trip requests may be made for the Teller Trail/Woodside Fishing Access, Tent Camp and Thomas Pond field sites.
  • Schedule: During the spring/summer season, field trip requests can be made for any weekday, subject to availability. During the fall/winter season (hunting season), access to the Teller Trail/Woodside Fishing Access is restricted to Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Tent Camp and Thomas Pond field sites are subject to availability. We recommend contacting Teller well in advance to reserve a date, and visiting the site ahead of time to plan your learning day. Field trip requests must be made on Teller Field Trip Request Forms, available on our website, in our office or contact Lauren Rennaker.
  • Themes: The Teller Trail site is located in a riparian area that includes mixed riparian woodlands, a pond and the Bitterroot River. Tent Camp is along restored Gird Creek and Thomas Pond is a restored pond with stocked trout. Teachers generally plan themes based on classroom studies to provide for an outdoor extension of classroom learning.
  • Maps, Buses, First Aid, & Logistics: Teller can provide a map and directions to field sites. We suggest that the bus remain at the site. If the bus must leave, we require a cell phone at the site. All trips must be equipped with first aid kits and adequate field gear. There is no drinking water or bathroom facilities available at the field sites; there is an outhouse located in the Teller Trail/Woodside Fishing Access parking lot.  

Field Trips at Teller
Low Impact Guidelines
Field Trip Request Form  

Education Resource Library

Our Education Resource Library holds books/guides, field-trip notebooks, activity trunks and other field trip neccesities. You may utilize any of these materials for your classroom or field trip. Feel free to visit our office and peruse our supplies!

Service Learning - Stewardship Projects

Teachers and youth group leaders can contact Teller to learn about participating in conservation stewardship projects. Depending on time of year, ongoing projects, and group objectives, projects may include weed management, planting native plants, stream or wetland projects, and wildlife habitat projects. If you are considering involvement in a stewardship project, we recommend you contact us well in advance. This will allow for project planning, coordination, funding, volunteers, and professional resources.

Please contact us at (406) 961-3507 or for more information.